Shitty Situation

Live phone sex


You said you wanted Dirty phone sex and that’s what you got! You found that out when you stuck your fingers deep in my bloody period cunt. Your hand was covered in the red blood and metal odor of my pussy. Your forced your fingers deep into my mouth, allowing me to taste my own period. You bent me over without any preparations and raped my swollen bloody cunt. When my blood covered your hard cock, you used that as lube to fuck my asshole. You tore my tight asshole up. You enjoyed pulling out and seeing my asshole gape open before you rammed you cock back deep inside. I was not ready for how vigorously you were going to fuck me and I lost all control of my bowels. I covered your cock in my shit, but you didn’t care. You kept thrusting deep in me and stuffing my asshole full of my own nasty shit. You took your cock out abruptly and slammed your huge shitty cock back into my swollen cunt. Blood dripped and shit dripped from my pussy. Please add your cum to my filthy cunt!

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