She got her revenge

phone sex lineI made a big mistake when I talked a bunch of shit about Ivy, I really didn’t think she would ever find out but she did and she was fucking pissed! She told everyone that she was going to get revenge on me but I really didn’t take it seriously, I figured what’s the worst she could do?What, like smack me around a little? I figured it was just no big deal but man was I wrong! She showed up at my house last night with a friend and they overpowered me in seconds, before I knew it I was tied up and naked and being forced out of my house! They made me take a walk of shame all bound up like that with wicked clamps on my nipples and forced me to suck anyone’s dick that walked up to us. I was so humiliated but they weren’t nearly done with my torture, they took me back home and beat me black and blue. I thought I was gonna die! In the end they let me live but Ivy warned me not to run my mouth about her anymore or she would be back… and next time I wouldn’t be so lucky!

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