Shake your Groove Thang


white trash phone sex

Hey, you can’t blame a girl for taking a dare. Especially a total slut like me who needs the money. I was working the day shift in the truckstop cafe and one of the truckers recognized me. He had no idea that I had fucked most of the men in the joint and my ass is well known in these parts. He thought he was gonna be all funny and shit. He yells “Hey, Rory, shake that booty for us.” A few of the truckers laughed.
I yelled back. “Hey Mack, that’ll cost ya. You aint worth a freebie.” I laughed this time and his face turned red. I figured that it was over. As I walked past his table, his hand shot out and grabbed a handful of cheek. I smacked the piss out of the old fucker and moved on. Then a light went on in my foggy brain. Maybe I could make a few bucks.
I went over to the juke box and dropped some of my hard earned quarters into the ancient thing. A blast from the past came on. KC & The Sunshine Band – (Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty blasted into the joint. The men came alive as I begin to disco about the room. I saw a few of them reach under the table to fondle their cocks. A few got up and began to gyrate with me. Mmmm, I was getting turned on like a motherfucker. I felt 2 hands grip my waist and I was bent over the leather booth. My skirt mysteriously came up, revealing a tiny thong that barely covered my crack. “Shake it for me, baby.” He moaned, rubbing his rigid shaft against me. I was wet and ready and I jiggled my ass furiously. I twerked, I clapped, and I made them cheeks quiver. I found myself the center of attention as they all moved in and began to throw cash at me. All around me the money and cum rained down as I came in my panties.
Then I woke up and realized that I was just another used-up, drug-addicted, truckshop whore…….

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