Sexline Queen Loves a Sissy Bitch

SexlineWhen men call my sexline, they know what they’re getting. A hot little tranny bitch with the best tits and biggest cock they could ask for. I can submit, when it’s most pleasing to my lover, but I love to be equal to or more dominant. I love when pansy boys call my sexline asking to be treated like my little bitch. I love making them kiss my feet, sniff and suck my ass, and act as furniture for me. I love spanking their bare asses, forcing them to dress in feminine clothes, and taking them out on a leash to show to the neighborhood when they’re done up really pretty. The other men here love when I bring out a new sissy; I usually let them smack that ass, stroke various parts of the new pet. Then, when I get my new sissy lover home, I do exactly as my sexline profile advertises: I fuck them senseless.

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