Santa Left You a Present Under The Tree

dirty phone sexWhat do you want for Christmas baby? How about a nasty dirty freak under the tree? That is exactly what Santa left for you this year. Me. Complete with a hot little outfit just waiting for you to come and unwrap. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t leave this horny girl on her hands and knees. Bring me that big thick cock of yours and let me deep throat you. Then spread my legs and fuck my juicy wet cunt from behind. Grab my hair and smack my ass. Fill me with your thick warm cum. Then let me suck you hard again. Get back up on my knees and smile as I spread my ass cheeks for you to ram that monster deep inside my tight pretty asshole. I want you to go deep baby, like balls deep. Let me hear them smack against my perfect tight ass as you pound me. Leave a massive gape so we can admire your work. Let’s watch as the cum drips from my asshole into perfect puddles beneath me. Maybe I am feeling naughty enough I might just lap it up like those little furry friends you like to join us sometimes. Pick up that phone baby and come play with me. Spread that holiday cheer love.

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