Rough Sex is so Fun!

creampie slutYou were fucking me just like I asked, hard and rough. I want to be fucked so hard that I cant walk for days after. I love anal sex and you were giving me just that. You were fucking my mouth hard making me gag as you hit the back of my throat and for a second I thought you were going to cum but instead you pulled out and flipped me over and shoved your long thick cock into my tight fucking asshole. I screamed in pain and that only made you go harder pumping in and out of me as hard as you fucking can. I was screaming out in pain and pleasure while you used me as your personal fuck doll. You grabbed my hair and slapped my ass while you fucked me faster. You pulled out and flipped me around to cum all over my fucking titties while slapping me in the face calling me a dirty fucking whore. I fucking loved it! I watched as you bent down to lick up all of your salty sweet cum cleaning me off. You saved some on your tongue for me because you know just how much of a fucking whore I am for your cum.


    • Kyle on June 10, 2022 at 1:56 pm
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    Dirty slut swallow for me

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