Red wings?

period phone sex

Perfect timing last night for period phone sex, other than the bloating and overeating I get really horny during this time of the month. I walked my fine ass up to the local truck stop and ask around to see who is into a ride on the blood bus. I generally will have at least two of the men who are happy to eat at the bloody buffet and then fuck me with their hard cocks. Best part of it being that time of the month is that I have double the normal built in lube. My pussy is so much more sensitive during this week and it seems like I can’t stop cumming! Once I finish with one then I don’t ever bother putting a tampon in knowing that I’m just going to waste it when I find someone else to fuck. I remember one guy had his wife in the truck with him and she was also on her period. He lied me down and plowed my puss while his wife lowered her bleeding gash onto my face. He had fucked her earlier and so I was feasting on her personal mix of blood and cum. I was in heaven laying there being rode while his woman was trying to get my tongue into her womb. She came at the same time her husband did and I was sad to leave them. I walked home that night with a pink snail trail and a hope that they come back soon.


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