Random acts of kindness for a whole week!

cum dumpsterWell apparently some day this week was random acts of kindness day…I personally am not the nicest girl in the world but I am feeling extra generous with my blowjobs! Only because I am extending random acts of kindness day into random acts of kindness week! It’ll do. I’ll be able to get in tons and tons of blowjobs in since I am making this last a whole week. I picture lots and lots of gangbangs, cum facials and of course lots and lots of ‘other’ juices too! My sex drive is limitless. I literally just keep going and going. I am constantly craving that rock hard cock to be in any one of my holes. I’m always thinking about all the taboo and nasty things I could be doing, which of course keeps me constantly wet… I am always horny and ready to fuck. I am addicted little slut! Addicted to the messier side of fucking that is…! So if you are like me and don’t mind getting dirty…and I mean completely fucking filthy then I would LOVE to talk to you. I would love to tell you how much I love shitting on you, pissing on you and being covering in your hot sticky cum. I can’t wait to be the one begging you to drop your load on me…mixing out shit and rubbing it everywhere. Allowing you to drink me sweet piss… I know I can even make you beg for it. I hope I’ve made it clear now that I am nothing like most girls, and I obviously don’t mind taking things to a more extreme level. All for this silly week of kindness!

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