Randi the piss queen

Cheap phone sexThere is one thing that I love doing.Well obviously its doing crack and coke but that isn’t what I am talking about today. I am talking about standing on the corner and waiting for guys to pick me up and use my little fucking whore body. I have been doing drugs and being a fucking whore forever and there is a couple things about it I fucking enjoy. One guy picked me up and took me down a alley and parked the car, he pulled out his cock and started slapping me across the face and calling me a fucking whore. I started getting fucking creamy and he started pissing in my mouth and I started swallowing all that warm piss. He told me to bend over and he took his cock and started playing with my asshole and then he started pissing in  my tight rosebud asshole. Mhm I love being a piss queen.

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