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My hot as fuck boss approached me, and invited me and my brats to family fun night at his house. I’ve wanted him to fuck my cunt forever now! We were all for a little high-class fun, but when we arrived, we say we were the only ones there from work. He coaxed us into the pool, but when I confessed we hadn’t brought swimsuits, the grin on his face turned wolfish. I saw how hard his cock was through his grey joggers. “Nobody said anything about clothes.” He growled, stripping himself.

Then he started stripping down all eight of my little ones. My cunt got so soaking wet as I realized what he had meant by family fun. As he undressed my rugrats, he showed each one how to stroke his massive cock. I saw their young cocks and sweet bald cunts grow excited at the prospective playtime. The next six hours were a blur, as he bribed me with nose candy and the rock to stay distracted while he forced himself on each of my little whores. I drugged up my slutty self all while masturbating my pussy to the sight of what he was doing to them; he was ruining my little darlings, and it was going to make me cum.

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