Played By a Baller

trailer trash whore

On my way out to the store and just needed a quick fix.  You know nothing to heavy maybe just some weed.  I don’t pay for because everybody has it.  I know these little young gunners always have the good weed.  I’ll just swing my hips and like always they come running.  With the A  sweet heart what you doing?  My response shocked him into stupidity.  You if you act right.  He was like are you serious.  No way I heard you only talk to ballers.  I do but, I also make ballers too.  Quickly he started walking besides me telling me what he thought was impressing me.  He has potential but I have no time I need my fix.  We get back to my place and he ask if I wanted to spark one up.  Of course I do that’s the point of you being here.  Only thing is he laced the weed with X which had me feeling all types of freaky.  I got hot real fast, and ever touch turned me on.  I was fucking this little brat like it was the last Dick on earth.   I swallowed him whole ate his cum as he exploded in my mouth didn’t waste a drop.  there was no limitations on what I was doing to him.  Oh I got my fix plus a little more than I bargain for.  when he was leaving he said so you think my shit good of to be a baller.  Never knew I was getting played to be a tester for his littler product.

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