Planting Seed for Earth Day

no taboo phone sex slut momToday is Earth Day. As an environmentally conscious green mommy, I kept my brats home from school today, to plant a tree in our backyard and some flowers in our garden. I sat on the patio sipping on my Mimosa watching them dig around in the dirt. I found myself aroused by the fact that my offspring didn’t mind getting dirty. Neither do I, it’s one of my favorite things to do. Just my idea of dirty doesn’t involve actual dirt.

I called them over, suggested they clean off in the pool. I watched them take off their clothes and cannonball into the pool. I could only sit in my bikini for so long watching, before I stripped down too and joined them. As I was washing dirt off their little arms and legs, my dirty nature came out. I started rubbing puffy pussy mounds and stroking little pee pees. Earth day is about the environment, right? Planting seeds, watching things grow? I wanted to see my boys’ pee pees grow. I wanted to have some boy seed planted in my pussy, as well as my daughters’ pussies too. The best seed I know, is boy seed.

dirty phone sex slut wifeWe went inside for some good old fashioned family fun. I sucked my boys’ tiny peckers, fingered my daughters’ little cunnies, licked and fingered tight little asses. Lots of things were growing too! I let my boys plant their seed in mommy’s pussy, then let my girls lick their seed right out of me. Soon my baby girls will be old enough to see how seeds make things grow inside their bellies. My teen daughter, who did not stay home with us today, already knows that lesson. Maybe for earth day you would enjoy planting some seeds inside my little ones, or even me!

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