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I’m a crack whore anal cum dispenser. I get so high and go to all sorts of underground parties. I follow the high and get myself into some fun. When I get so fucked I don’t even remember the year that’s when all sorts of crazy things happen.

Last week I got so into the deep dark tunnel of drugs that I ended up pimping my little sisters. I knew they would be a hit with the guys. My aunt also came along for the ride. She’s a lot like me. She’s only a couple of years older than me, but she loves to fuck while under the influence. Our clits get nice and tender, and our assholes beg for meat. When I told her we had to bring some young ones in exchange for the good stuff, she had a grin from ear to ear. My little sisters got to go for the ride so did my younger cousins. My aunt has twin daughters that still had their cherries. We knew we would strike gold with the four little girls. My aunt and I were all in for whatever the night would bring.

It was a family night for the exchange of eight balls and even some crystal meth and lots of pills. A ton of guys were already here getting serviced by other college girls. Their cocks were out, and all the females were ready to give up their sisters, cousins, and friends for drugs. Some whores even abducted youngins so that they could get their fix. It was an asshole to elbow in the estate.

There were guys from all over the world. They all had one thing in mind some young twats for their p cocks. My aunt and I knew we would enjoy the benefits of drugs and getting filmed. It was druggy porn in the making. I was beyond happy to get so fucked and pimp out my family. All for the love of getting high and getting cum. Fucking while drugs are pumping in your system is a wild ride that I adore.


    • Remy on March 19, 2022 at 6:13 pm
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    I will take those twin bitches!

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