Oh my God daddy, I’m going to puke!

I’m a dirty potty whore and I love the taste of your ass right after a fresh shit! I prefer for you to give it to me right from the tap, but right now I’m eating shit off of your cock! You took the biggest nastiest load right on my big tits, and then I fucked your cock with my shitty titties. Ummhhmmmm I know you loved the way it felt when your rock-hard cock was sliding in between my big soft breasts, and that shit smeared and coated both you and me. Dirty phone sexEach stroke making me even sloppier and your cock even shittier. The more the merrier I can’t wait to eat it off I start to catch the tip in my mouth as you thrust up, getting a sweet taste. The preview is awesome. I love cleaning you up after you get sloppy! You thrust hard and grab my head and push the full length of your cock down my throat. Yes daddy, face fuck me with that dirty cock! Make this potty whore clean you up, like the dirty little slut I am! ummmm it tastes so good daddy thank you for feeding me! I love when you save big nasty loads for me! And to let me wear it too?! Such a nice surprised treat! You always know how to treat your toilet whore right! You ram my head down and I gag on the entire shit coved shaft and you push it further down. Oh my God daddy, I’m going to puke! Oh well some else I get to clean off your cock!


    • Adan on May 23, 2022 at 12:19 pm
    • Reply

    That was a very messy call last night, Donna. Very messy.

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