Nothing Like a Little Cream-Filled Donut

Anal sex whoreOh, baby…Let me tell you what happened to ME today! I went to the local donut shop at 4 this morning, since I pulled a late night and wound up with a hankering for a cream-filled donut. I got that cream-filled donut and so much more!! The guy cooking the donuts happened to glance up as I was finishing up my transaction, and I noticed him. He noticed me, too; those pristine blue eyes glazing over with immediate lust. He wound up “accidentally” dropping the cream filling and donut batter bowls simultaneously, then asked his associate to go grab more of the ingredients he needed for another batch. It would take her a while, and it was still too early for too much business. He invited me back, and I entered that restricted area. He bent me over in that cream on the floor and he fucked me senseless. He licked the cream off of me, too. It was an AMAZING time!! I left with a LOT more than I paid for, including 4 extra donuts, 2 of which I gave to a couple of friends later today.

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