Not so Innocent

Cum Guzzling SlutHis pants land around his ankles and she’s grasping his heavy cock in her hands before he can so much as breath. She dips her head, kisses the tip, then places a few more on the way down until she can wildly stroke him and suck his fat balls into her mouth. She massages them with her cheeks, hands wildly flowing over his shaft and gratefully working his tip. She told him this was her first time, and she wonders if he believes her. Her heart’s fluttering too hard and she needs him to believe her innocence is being sullied right this very moment. She’s just a cute catholic school girl, how could she know any better? She’s soaked just thinking about how much cum he’s gonna shoot up in her cunt later tonight, but for now she sucks his heavy sack and works his meat like her life depends on it. her lips pop as she pulls back, licking up the bottom of his length again while getting ready to finally suck his massive dick. “Am I doing this right?” She teases, giving him the most innocent gaze and tilt of her head she can manage.

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