New phone chat lines for white trash whores

cream pie phone sex

I walked into the bar last night, still torn up from the night before. I was looking tired, make-up smeared, and leftover cum sat rotting in my stale pussy. I was on a sex and drugs binge. Any drug and any man would do. I swear there should be new phone chat lines set up just for dirty cunts like mine. I know some men love a dirty, smelly pussy and would relish the idea of poking his face into a ripe gash to lap up left-over cum. Take a whiff of this one. Smells like spoiled jizz, dirty balls, and sweaty fur burger. Look at it closely. It’s a gaping cavern of filth, bright red from the nigger dick I took last night in exchange for drugs. Want more? Stuff your fist right in there.
You’re a wimpy, small dick weasel and you’ll settle for any flesh cavern you can find. I love men like you, willing to clean me up, lick me clean, and get me ready for the next meat spear. Lick me harder, lover, as I feel your hard shaft growing against my thigh. If you are a good little sissy slave, I may even allow you to cum on my big titties. If I don’t please you, feel free to inflict pain and misery on me. I love it when men treat me like shit. Either way, we both get off.

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