New Neighbors

Anal sex WhoreI awoke in the mood for some new dicks today. I am always in the mood to fuck but I wanted to experience someone completely new today. Si I said the first guy or guys that gave me the eye today were going to get every drop of cum sucked and fucked out of them. When I opened the door and walked outside I noticed I had new neighbors moving in. Two black guys and two more of their black friends were all taking furniture off of a truck. Not in the mood to talk or waste time I closed the door, stripped naked and went and grabbed my vibrator. I then opened my door and stood in the door way sucking on the dildo while rubbing my pussy. All four of them stopped and walked to my house. When they walked in one asked,“ was sup?” My only request was “fuck me like you hate me.” Immediately the first guy grabbed me and threw me to the ground. They all took their massive dicks out and took turns making me suck them off as they stood in a circle. Even though choked by black cock, I was being slapped on the head and face with the other three which made me want them even more. One Guy laid under me and put 12 inches in my cunt, another put his swollen cock in my ass, and the last two stood over me so I could blow them both at once. I was getting smashed by 4 dicks at once and I couldn’t feel better.

The first guy to come was the one behind me pounding my ass. He flooded me so much that it an over to my pussy and made the guy under me thrusting go even harder. He then blew his huge load all inside of me and I was left with two cocks in mouth mouth and a pool of their nut. One of the guys in front of me then Moved to my ass and pounded all of his dick into me as His 5 friends gagged and choked me with his cock. I felt myself gagging and throwing up but he didn’t care and kept shoving his vomit covered dick into my throat. He and the guy in my ass then came at once as if on Que. There was a few cups of come and pussy juice on the floor and one of them ordered, “Bitch, lick it up!” When I got down obeying my orders, all four of them stood over me and pissed all over me. They told me not to get up, and keep cleaning the floor as they pissed all over it and me. I laid on the floor in ecstasy and they told me don’t move because they would be back. For the rest of the day they all took turns coming in, blowing their loads and pissing in my ass, slapping me with their cocks, and overall fucking the shit out of me. I’m glad they are moving in, I could do this every day.

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