Need a Good Lickin’

Gangbang WhoreI may have partied a little too hard last night!

It was two for one night at the club and those giant big black cocks were taking it seriously!

My tight white has was being stretched beyond maximum capacity last night with two big black cocks fucking my back door!

A giant cock in my ass makes me squirt every time but this was not about my pleasure!

I was just another whole to unload all that creamy cum into!

But I was so wasted, I have to admit, it felt good at the time!

I loved having a long train of giant big black cocks gangbanging my hot tight ass and slamming my sweet pussy!

I had pumped and dumped in every fuckable hole!

But now it’s the next day and I am laying here with a bruised as and pussy and covered in crusty cum!

And all I want is for a soft wet tongue to lick my wounds!

What I wouldn’t do for a good lickin on a Sunday morning!

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