Nasty Stripper Sex Story With Randi

I started needing money so I decided to go and start working at the strip club. I haven’t even had money to wash clothes. I am wearing crusty stained thongs! I have worn them for like 5 days, but that’s nothing I am used to wearing ones longer. I walk in and the people there make me feel like home. My eyes are a little hazy I had a bump before I came inside. I walk into the dressing room and I see girls with there little plates full of coke and molly! I am in fucking heaven. I pull off my panties and one girl throws me an American flag bikini and says I can barrow it. I put it on and make my way to the stage. Before I could get there a guy pulls my hand and wants a private dance.

So I show him the way into the back and shut the curtain. And he takes out a bag of molly and 300.00 dollars. He asked what I would do for that. So I stripped down exposing my shaved cunt and my perky tits. He also took of his clothes and I told him to bend over and he looked surprised. I ran my tongue around the rim of his asshole and stuck my hand between his lands stroking his big cock. Then I shoved my tongue in his asshole licking the inside. Jerking his cock faster spitting on his asshole to get ready for my finger. I stick my finger deep in his ass finding his prostate and started rubbing it while stroking his cock till he busted all over himself. And he turned around and licked it all off his hairy stomach.

stripper sex stories

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