Nasty Bitch!

Cum DumpsterThere was a guy working landscaping near my trailer that grabbed my attention. You could tell he was from prison because he had the little thing on his ankle. Prison guys are the only ones who fuck me like the nasty bitch that I am. I signaled for him to come over to my trailer and I started sucking his dick as soon as he entered. He grabbed the back of my head and violently face fucked me till I choked. He then bent me over and fucked me like I was his prison bitch. He pounded my ass with no remorse and it made my cock nice and hard. He did reach around and stroke my cock as he fucked me so that we both shot our loads, his in my ass and mine on the floor, at the same time. He then slapped me with his cock and told me “I’ll be back later bitch!” It feels good to get fucked like a slut in a town full of bitch boys every once in a while.

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