My Uncle Jimmy

no taboo phone sexI’m so excited about Thanksgiving this year. My Uncle Jimmy is coming to have dinner with us. I haven’t seen my favorite uncle in years. My hand slides down between my legs as I reminisce about my youth. I was so young and still a virgin when Uncle Jimmy came to stay with us. He would bounce me on his knee and tickle me. But soon, the fun got a little carried away. He would slide his finger under my little cotton panties and stroke my bald pussy. I guess I was already a little slut because I liked it. I wanted him to rub me all over and make me touch his boy parts. The first time I tasted cum, I was hooked. I would do anything to get some of that fuck sauce. At night, I’d rub my little pussy and think about other men. I wondered if they had big cocks or if they moaned when they touched my forbidden young body. Would you like to come be my Uncle Jimmy and act out my old memories? I can still be a very good little girl who does as she’s told.

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