My Furry Friend Surprise

Furry friends phone sex

I met a guy at the bar last night and he really turned my freaky ass on to something new. After a few shots of southern comfort, my pussy was in overdrive. My throbbing wet cunt was craving meat, so when I saw you staring and licking your lips I knew you were going to be my new fucktoy. I walked over and grabbed your thick cock as I smiled and whispered “take me home” in your ear. Your cock grew in my hands and you led me to your upstairs apartment. It was a tiny little studio which was better for me because that meant a very short distance from the door to your bed. I started ripping off your clothes and mine. I was ready for you to fuck my sloppy drunk cunt until I squirted pussy juices all over your thick cock. I got on all fours and started sucking and licking your fat, spongy fuckstick. I was so wrapped up in giving you head that I didn’t notice your furry friend join us in the bed. It wasn’t until I felt his rough tongue lapping at my pussy and asshole that I realized what was happening. I was shocked and initially stopped everything. You reassured me that everything was fine and you two had done this before. The liquor, your fur baby’s wet tongue, and the throbbing of my juicy pussy was so strong, I couldn’t resist. I released whatever inhibitions I felt and allowed myself to be used by you both. I don’t think I’ve ever came as hard as I did when his sharp, pink cock pounded hard and fast into my pink cunt. Now I can’t stop thinking about the next time us three will get to play together again.

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