More adventures With My Hot Caller

Bon is hot as fuck! On one of our last adventures we decided to leave Tex the Rottie at home and we snuck into the zoo after hours. We did some crazy shit!  The first thing we did was see the chimps.  He found a hot girl chimp and started pounding her while I found one with a dick and began to suck. The primates went so crazy! It was so fucking hot.  That monkey started pounding my pussy and then Bob put his cock in my mouth and I got to taste the girl chimp’s juices. We moved on to the reptile house when we were done in the monkey enclosure. Here is where things went insane. Bob found a big snake that was so damn thick and he encouraged it to crawl up in my pussy. while the snake was moving around inside me, Bob was licking my pussy non stop. It felt so mother fucking good, The snake and Bob’s face ended up filled with cum.  It was hot as a mother fucker. I can’t wait to see where we go next time. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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