Mommy Lesson


Anal Sex Whore

All I need is a big dick and some big balls I will suck them until they’re all sucked up. I love being who I am because I don’t have any rules I don’t have to get stuck with taboos. I have always been a horny vivacious voracious slutty type of girl. I need to be treated like a sex queen or a sex goddess. I know how to make men happy I know how to give them what they want without a problem it’s always been my thing ever since I was very, very young. Do you need to really let go, of that load that you just can’t seem to get rid of? Do you need to spew out all of those pent-up sexual feelings that have been locked inside of you for weeks, months, days? I think that you should call me let’s have a conversation I guarantee after we’re through talking you’ll be thanking me, and you’ll be plotting the next time we’re going to talk. I know that I can make you feel good. I’m confident, but I’m also knowledgeable about what I say. My mother thought that I was too much of a bad little girl to actually grow up and be an innocent good little girl thing is she’s correct. My mother knows me better than anyone, and she knows that her little girl has always been a very much grown up whore to the Core. My mother was hurt when I decided that I wasn’t going to be a nurse or doctor or some type of nun, but I laugh at that because I would expect for a mother that has been through what she has with me to have lost hope a long time ago in any kind of innocent profession. My lifestyle has injured my relationship with my mother, but that’s only because she doesn’t have a clue about expression and lust. I feel like I need to teach my mother a lesson, so I’m willing to make a video with Five Guys, I’m eager to let them ravish my body. I don’t have any shame because for so long, my mother tried to shame me into becoming what she wanted. My mother failed, but I won’t.

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