Me and Cocaine Forever

Druggy phone sexMe and cocaine are in a long term love affair. I still remember the first time we met. I was in my early teens, and as soon as I snorted it this wave of euphoria consumed my whole body and I was in love. Cocaine makes me feel sexy and alive. I do a line, my pussy starts throbbing and I want hard dick. It gives me the energy to ride you all night long. Just lay back and let me be in control. I’m a bad girl. I’m the girl your mother warned you about, but I’m so much fun. Stick your cock in my wet pussy and I won’t be the only one with an addiction. I have a body that stops men in their tracks. Great tits and an ass that will haunt your dreams. Bring me nose candy and I promise we’ll have a real good time. I’ll let you do whatever you want because I’ve never been good at saying “no”.

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