Make me break that Resolution.

cum guzzling phone sex

His cock tasted so good that I forgot all about my New year’s Resolution. What was I thinking? No more sucking strange cocks. Right!!!! That’s like asking me to give up air or water. I’ve been sucking cock since I was just a brat in a schoolgirl outfit. I wake up every day wondering what kind of cock life will be sending me that day. Cock juice is like caffeine. And I do love a good cup. Being on my knees, worshipping a thick, meaty jerky stick is one of life’s joys to me. My pussy aches when I see a bulge. I want it and I usually get it. I’m a shameless whore when I see one I want. I once blew a man in a dressing room while his wife waited outside. I’ve left my dates waiting in clubs while I got me some fuck sauce in the bathroom. And don’t get me started on BBC. I’m like a whore on crack when it comes to black!!!
Don’t you just love a dirty little cocksucker? Let me describe in detail how I would pull every last drop of jizz from your throbbing dick. You will almost feel my soft lips caressing your nuts as I rub my pussy and share my expertise with you. I have some great roleplays in mind to keep it hot. Bring me that hot, creamy load and make me break my resolution one more time!!! I’m open wide and hungry for you, lover.

BBC phone sex

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