Luna The Tuna

Anal cum dumpster

When I was in school there was this bougie bitch that would always call me Luna the Tuna. What the fuck kind of name is that, no creative juices went into that one at all? It didn’t bother me.  I knew that I fucked a lot, even back then.  Sometimes there wasn’t enough time to wash up in between classes.  Oh yes, even then I was taking on many cocks at a time in the bathrooms.  Everyone knew, the girls were bitches about it, the guys treated me nice, until they fucked me then they treated me the same way the girls did.  It was all good though.  I was getting what I wanted and I was happy.

Then we got a new Principal.  He was “concerned” how everyone, including the staff, were talking about me.  He tried to be my friend, I didn’t need friends or advice, I knew exactly what I was doing.  There was this one time where he had me in his office helping him file some of paperwork.  You know, trying to get me out of the ‘bullying’ environment.  I was sitting on one of those office chairs that roll around, going back and forth between the file cabinet and his desk.

Over and over again, I think the noise of the chair was getting to him because he told me that he wanted me to go and get him a soda from one of the machines.  That damn chair was squeaky as hell. I said, “Sure.” As I was walking out the door he stopped me.  I turned around to see what he wanted, he was just looking from the back of my skirt to the chair that I had been in.  He said, “There seems to be a wet spot on the back of your skirt, and on the chair. I don’t mean to embarrass you, but did you have an accident?”  I started to laugh.  Dude actually thought I had pissed myself. 

I turned around to face away from him, lifted up my skirt, bent all the way over, pulled my ass cheeks apart and let him see that it was cum that was leaking from my ass, not piss.  Before I had gone in to do his filing I had a little bit of fun in the Chemistry closet with a couple of guys.  I knew I had a lot of cum in my ass, but not enough to soak the back of my skirt.  The look on his face was funny as hell.  He excused me from helping him, I never did have to go back to do filing.  Once in awhile when he would see me in the hallway he would shake his head then just walk away.  I guess he found out why I was called Luna the Tuna.

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