Lot Lizard sex

lot lizard sexShould I have a slow night at the club I will often go by the truck stop looking for a few clients to fatten my wallet. There were a lot of trucks idling when I arrived, and I was optimistic. I went in the store and chatted to my favorite cashier, bought a 40 and headed out. As expected, there were many horny truckers looking for a quick blowjob or fuck. I went from cab to cab that night. I hopped in and took their hard cocks right down my throat until they filled me with their cum. Some have beds and we would go back there, and I would ride those dicks till they filled my pussy with their warm thick loads. Others like me to sit right on their dicks until they fill my asshole with their juices. Within a few hours I was a massive cum dumpster. Knowing there is a special trucker friend who loves that, I softly knocked on his window and got in. He spent hours eating all that cum from my pussy and ass, using his tongue and fingers to get every drop of that cum. I headed home all nice and clean with a big wad of cash.

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