Losing My Virginity

Freaky phone sexI have a freaky phone sex story for your big daddy cock! Once my bicycle seat came off my bike and I was just a brat, going through all the changes, If you know what I mean? I decided to ride my bike back home and have my daddy fix it for me. I should have walked, because something crazy happened. I was wearing my cute sundress and yellow panties! As I peddled standing up, I hit a huge speed bump and my little pussy fell right down on that metal pole! It hurt so much, and it took my virginity. My cotton undies had no way of stopping that bike set pole from penetrating me! I limped home with my thighs bloody and my pussy aching! When daddy saw me at the end of the driveway he scooped me up and carried me in the house. I was crying and he wanted to know where the blood came from. I pointed to my Nana, what I called it back then. “You mean your Vagina?” I nodded and told him what happened. As a single dad he felt very bad. He picked me up, undressed me and put me in a warm tub! After that he put me in a warm towel and laid me on his bed. As he kissed my thighs and my little cunny he explained something to me. That I had been cheated out of my virginity and daddy was going to make it all better with his daddy dick! I will always be grateful daddy helped me reclaim a milestone in every girls life!  And led to naughty teen sluts fucking thereafter!

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