Look Who Came To Visit

live phone sex cleoJust before the Holiday break I took a side gig as a substitute. There was one very bad boy in class with blonde hair and mischievous eyes that twinkled with trouble. I have never been able to resist a bad boy, so on the last day of class I slipped him my number and address and told him that if he got bored over break to look me up. Schools been out for a week so I figured he either didn’t take me serious, lost my info or was just to busy to be bothered. To my surprise he showed up a few hours ago! As soon as I saw him my cunt started dripping. I invited him in and offered him a drink before excusing myself and slipping into something hot and sexy. When I came out the pop tent in his pants sprang up. I suggested we make our own little porn and he was so fucking down with it. His young naked body drove me wild! He is coming over later so we can watch it together and maybe tomorrow so we can film another one!

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