Life of a Party Girl

Freaky phone sex

Life is on long party, and I’m the special guest of honor. I love having a good time. Get me party favors and watch me bounce off the walls. I put on my slutty clothes and hit the clubs every night. I won’t netflix and chill. I need excitement.
I love being the center of attention, especially in a gangbang. I’m the first to get naked at a party. I love seeing peoples’ eyes pop out when they see my big tits. Put me in the center of the room with five rock hard cocks around me, and watch me handle them ease. A cock in each hand, in my mouth, my pussy, and ass. Watch me suck and fuck until I’m covered in cum. When I’m through with those five, bring in five more. Feel free to film my sex show. I’m a porn star and I shine on camera. I’m a big whore, with a high sex drive. I never want the party to end.                              Audrey

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