licking a pit

Creampie Slut SilviaHe grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the bedroom. He ripped my skirt off and told me to drop to my knees. He needed to show me what a whore gets when her pimp is horny and pissed off. He loved making me beg for the really nasty stuff. Like when he wants me to clean his cock after fucking some skank he found strung out and passed out. Some days were better than others. For the most part having him as my Pimp was only bearable when I was high and getting fucked.Pissing Sex Silvia

He had this one kink that I found pretty hot when I was janked up. He loved licking my armpits. He would hold my hands behind my head and take his tongue and trail up and down my side until he got right at the center of my arm pit and just lick like I was a cherry lolly pop. He would massage my tits and fuck my cunt with his fingers while his mouth was busy sucking my shoulder socket. Sometimes, if he was fucked up enough, he would turn his cock so rock hard with my pits, that he would jack off and spew cum all over them. Then shove his cock right in there and fuck till he came again. Boy he sure did have some crazy hot ideas. Those are the days I love being high!White Trash Phone Sex Silvia

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