Let’s Continue The Party

dirty phone sexBaby? You been up all night like me. Partying and watching porn and getting fucked. I knew that you were, but you are here because you are still horny as hit, aren’t you? Or maybe your partner has passed the fuck out and you are still ready to roll. Or maybe you are having thoughts of some dark taboo fantasies you want to play out. Doesn’t matter to me baby. I am fucked up, horny and always thinking deep and dark. My play toy had to leave so I am sitting here with my legs spread watching some porn and fingering my wet juicy cunt.

My fucking mind is racing, and I need a playmate. Think you would do nicely so why don’t you give me a call and we can keep this night going. Let me hear your hard cock against the phone and I will move my headset down so you can hear my juicy wet cunt. Then we will get the dildos and have some fun. Let’s get off together. A little mutual masturbation for us partying perverts. I think that sounds like a fantastic way to end or start the day. Maybe a little porn would be fun to watch together too. Either way baby, I will be waiting for you.

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