Let Us Pray

Taboo PhonesexI am visiting my aunt this week, which I love to do. She is the cliche of a southern woman, with all the social graces and charms, cooking, socializing, church picnics, and gossiping.

This means my Sunday morning is going to be spent in a hot stuffy small town church. Ugh!

I sat in the front pew fanning myself with the days program sheet. It was so hot. I spread my legs to try and cool the heat between my thighs.

I see the reverend watching me.

He looks away nervously when our eyes meet. What is this? A man of the clothe having sinful thoughts about a girl in church!

Mmmm! This is going to be fun!

I slide my hands up my thighs, pulling them apart even further.

I let the tips of my fingers brush across the silk of my panties.

He is so close to me that he can see the fabric of my panties turn darker from the moisture that is rushing to my smooth puffy lips.

I pull the damp clothe to the side and slip  my finger inside.

I watch him as he begins to stumble through the sermon. His breathing quickens.

I pull my cream covered finger out and suck the sweetness off while watching him.

He lets out and exasperated, “Oh God!” And then another.

The congregation joins him in his chant to a their deity!

I pull my small 5 inch vibrator out of my clutch and slide it inside me! The chanting of the congregation drowns the buzzing!

Oh yes father! Stroke that cock for me from behind the podium!Live Phone Sex

God help you now! Sin or not, you can’t help yourself!

You want me! You know it is wrong but the throbbing is so strong!

You watch as I thrust this vibrator in and out! Faster! Faster! deeper, until my hot pussy consumes the entire hard fake cock!

The intense emotion shows on your face and the good kind people of the church think you have passionate conviction for what you are preaching! They have no idea that you are about to cum for me as you scream to our almighty God!

The noise of the congregation, chanting, screaming, joining in our pleas to the heavens, “Oh God! Praise the Lord!”

Then finally! Sweet release!

As we bow our heads in serene exhaustion, “Let us pray!”

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