Let Me Tell You How I Will Drain Your Balls

Dirty Phone SexBaby would you like to have some dirty phone sex. I know that I would. I love to hear your voice as I stick my hands deep inside me. I love to talk dirty to you as I hear you stroking that big fat cock. The sound of you jacking off makes me even wetter. I tell you kinky stories of the club and the naughty things I like to do to my clients. How I like to strip them down and have my way with them. Sucking on that hard cock, putting it deep in my throat. Feeling their dick get harder, almost gagging me as they nut in my mouth. How I then get their dick hard again and climb up on them, lowering my slick wet pussy down on their throbbing cock until my pussy wraps it so tight. Then I ride them, slow at first and then fast, making them moan as I rub my big tits against their chest. I hold them tight as I feel their cock start to twitch. My pussy grabs them as I slowly drain their balls. I am wet just thinking about it baby. You give me a call and we can talk all about it.

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