Leaves Falling Down like Cum

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I just wanted to walk in the woods that evening and see the fall leaves. I was so into my own thoughts that I didn’t hear him come crunching up behind me until it was too late. There was no warning and he never said a word. He just threw me on my face. He had my shorts and panties off before I could react. I could smell his body odor and foul breath on my face. He waved a diseased looking cock right in my face. I shook my head. “SO, cunt, you’re too good for me at that club where you shake them titties?” he growled. I recognized him as a broke guy whom we threw out that weekend. He had been sitting there just jerking off with no money for drinks or a tip.
He pulled out his cock and began to piss on me. He could tell right away that I loved that shit. He smiled with his rotten teeth, thinking he was getting somewhere. WHY did this shit turm me on so much. As he covered me with urine, my pussy began to get wet. “Use me like a dirty whore.” I begged him.
He tossed me on the ground, took his scabby cock and rammed it right into my cunt from behind. Then he pulled out and laughed. “That’s the biggest gash I’ve ever seen.” He balls up his hand and reams me out with his fist. I could hear my pussy squishing loudly. “Maybe cause your dick is so small.” I retorted. “So, take this then, you stripper whore.” He rammed his fuckstick suddenly into my asshole, making me scream, and then began to jackhammer-fuck me.
Just a few strokes and I felt him bust a nut in my rectum. He pulled out and shook his dick off, the cum falling down all over me and into the pretty autumn leaves.

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