Just Got My Period. Let’s Fuck!

Period phone sex


Fuck my bleeding wet pussy. I want your cock so deep up my tight hole right now. My mother says I’m not supposed to be doing this with you. She says a man fucking a woman on her period makes her a whore. My Mommy is not here right now so you can use me however you want. I can be your bleeding whore. You can even fuck my young pussy raw since I can’t get pregnant on my period. Cover your cock in my cum and blood while I drip all over you, lubing up your cock as you fuck me. Let me suck all the blood and cum off your cock. Face fuck my tiny mouth so I can finally learn how to suck cock. Getting my period didn’t make me a woman, getting pussy pounded by you did. If you keep stretching out my pussy like this, I might need to put two tampons up my pussy when you’re done. 

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