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druggy porn

Finally payday arrived! I went to see my usual dealer and he told me that he had gotten some new heroin in from South America and that he would let me have a free taste if I let him have a taste of me and film it for a druggy porn site. I readily agreed and started heating the new stuff up on the spoon. I grabbed the rubberized band and tied it tight to ensure good IV access. He drew the liquid up into the syringe and then injected it into my arm. Almost immediately I started floating and feeling really good. I could feel him taking my clothes off but didn’t have the ability to care. As I was riding the pink elephant in my mind he was busy riding me. He used my mouth, cunt and ass as though he owned them. I was nothing more than a happy, drooling, passed-out fuck doll. He had his way until he was happy and he left taking the camera and my clothes with him. I woke up a while later with cum dripping from every hole and had to walk home naked. I can’t wait to have another taste of that good shit and hope that he and I can come to an arrangement more often!

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