Jose didn’t want me to leave 


Fisting phone sex

I promised that I was going to get myself away from this fucking parasite he sucks all of the energy out of me all of the happiness out of me and he doesn’t give a fuck about anything but himself. I’m starting to hate Jose he’s nothing like what he used to be when he first came here. When he first came here he was excited he worked all the time he did everything he was supposed to. Now all I can get that fucking idiot to do is fuck me he won’t do anything else and now the sex is just getting fucking stupid. Now he wants me to dress up like a Chiquita and he wants me to treat him like he’s in Mexico like I should worship Him. The thing this fucker did last night was too much he went too fucking far and now I’m going to get rid of his fucking ass because I can get good sex from anywhere but I need my fucking sanity. I know there’s a guy out there that can give me great sex and take care of the bills too.

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