Im the hometown cum dumpster

cum dumpster

My dealer loves when I come over with anxiety. The more desperate I am the more he gets out of me. Now I’ve always had a thing for Coke ever since I could remember I got to use to it by my stepdad. He would give me lines of it so he can calm me down and get me to let him stick his dick in me. So you can tell that I’ve been quite the coke and cock whore for some time. Who doesn’t love to be under the influence for getting everything and just enjoying a good time. My twat enjoys that desensitization of the blow hitting my clit. My dealer loves when I come over to get high and let him do as he pleases with my body. As a cum dumpster¬† I am always looking for the correct way to spend my afternoon. The best load is a sticky icky one that leaves that delicious scent. I’m going to go home and let my boyfriend eat it out of me. He has no clue what a little high whore I am.


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