I’m not ashamed to be your cum dumpster!

Dirty phone sexRam me harder with that massive throbbing cock baby! I love the way you force your cock deep inside my pretty pink pussy! Your so dirty baby and I love every bit of that perverted mind! Spit on that cock while its sliding in and out of my wet ass pussy! Gripping my shoulders to get leverage as you pound me with all your might! Damn daddy your trying to force me to suck your cock through my pussy at this point! But I love it like that! Force it all deep inside me while I take this massive cock in my sweet little mouth! I’m a whore baby! And I want you to use me like it! Fuck me like all you want is to use my amazingly tight holes to get your nut! That’s ok baby! I’m not ashamed to be your cum dumpster! Smack me across the face while your fucking me baby degrade me and put me in my place! I’m a whore to be used however you see fit! I’m gaging on this rock-hard cock, barely able to breath and you love the way my pussy clamps down on you each time I gag! “Yes whore! Keep squeezing this cock so I can fill you up like the good little whore you are!” you moan as you pound away.  Oh my god I feel you growing inside my pussy getting hard, whilst pounding me harder. He cums deep down my throat and I gag on the huge load he force fed me, and with that last tight squeeze I was able to please! You filled me up with your massive nut. And your friend leans over and starts licking it up out of my now overly full, swollen cunt.


    • Lance on May 20, 2022 at 4:34 pm
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    Strip for me while I jerk off

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