I’m a sucker for dick

Gangbang whoreI slurp dick like my life depends on it. I am such a dumpster for cum. I love being labeled as a whore. One day I woke up and went for a walk in the neighborhood. I got to thinking about who I haven’t fucked. The population in my small hometown is 5436 people. I think I have fucked about 5000 of those people, maybe more. I just know someone has not fucked me yet. I am horny and need dick. I am so addicted. I honestly just want dick deep in my throat. I went down this dark alley and I saw 3 dudes hangout. I approached them and asked if they wanted to come over to my house to help me fit a pipe down the hole. They agreed and they came and fucked me. I just need my dick fix. Once again Im horny now and need another fix, come and be the lucky man so i can make you cum. Ugh I’m such a filthy dirty sneaky whore.

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