I would do anything for the money

crack whore analI needed a fix and I needed it bad so I did what I had to do, I set up a gangbang and offered up this ass to any man that would pay me for it! I had a line going out the door but I didn’t care, the money was flowing and they were bringing me lots of party favors too so I was high as fuck and ready to go all night long. Man after man came to fuck me, I had all my fuck holes filled with cum, my ass was gaped wide open and I felt lie the biggest whore in the world. I didn’t care tho, I was making tons of money and getting high as fuck and that was all that mattered to me. By the end of the night I could barely move and I was covered head to toe in a hot sticky layer of cum, I never felt so nasty before but who cares? I’ll be a whore forever!

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