I will make you Cum Hard


Fisting phone sex

Lick my pussy eat my ass and treat me like a slut I can’t wait to get fucked in my ass. You’re a bad boy, I love bad boys I’ll fuck your brother’s I’ll even fuck your sisters. Do you want to fuck me? Would you like to make me feel good? I’m the one for you, and you should know that babe I am so damn excited and I love to fuck, and you won’t ever hear no from me. Do you see the things that I wear I wear this shit for everyone out in the clear I am a whore and I love being a slutty bitch ass, tramp? Fuck everybody if they’re trying to judge me because I don’t give a fuck about anyone’s feelings fuck you if you don’t respect that. I can’t wait to be one of the sluts on Skid Row fucking every guy that I don’t know and saying yes all the fucking time that’s me I can’t help it. Yes, I like it spicy I like a motherfucker to eat my ass up eat my mother fucking cunt and do it well. I will fuck your grandfather I will ride his old shriveled up dick right in front of your face believe it because it’s true. Do you want a fucking nasty cunt like me? Would you like to get your dick sucked right now? I can be your sex slave too if that’s what turns you on. And I would love to Peg you, yes my love I will be the one to strap-on a big dick and fuck you in your gaping asshole. I know you want me even though you want it to be a secret I know what you truly want, and I can give it to you 10-fold. I don’t have any taboos I don’t have any drawbacks I just don’t give a fuck I’m a wild girl. Come on babe let’s get wild together don’t hold back on me because I’m the real thing and I can truly make that cock soak cum everywhere. I will even swallow your drizzle juice I want you to feed me your creamy cum please babe I’m waiting. Your dick is going to be so glad that it got a hold to me so you should really give yourself a chance, I mean aren’t you tired of the boring old bitch that sleeps in bed with you every night?



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