I want to fuck you this time

I love having my pussy pounded really hard and getting the shit fucked out of me. But sometimes it makes me feel really powerful to put my big old fat strap on and tie it around my waist. A guy who wants me to ram my fake dick in his asshole and fuck the shit out of him while I thrust over and over. I love hearing my hips hit his ass cheeks and the groans coming out of his mouth while I fuck his tight little fudge packing butt-hole just the way he fucks my pretty pink cunt.

Cum dumpster

I think what I love more than that is when he drops to his elbows and I slam the in that final time, I make sure it is extra hard because I want to make sure I have given him the hardest fucking I can in his ass. Its a wonderful sight to see his ass in the air and my strap on cock in his asshole. I love it.

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