I want to be your cum dumpster

Cum guzzling slut

I was having my fun at Miami Beach earlier! I had the music going and I rocked and rolled with my G string on! I danced till I couldn’t anymore!!! I mean I really shook my ass off tonight and the right dick came and gave me a prize!!!! That was exactly what I was craving  and looking for!!! A 12 to about 13 inch long fat veiny cock…all I could do was think of a way to impress him so I can keep him for the rest of the night! Wow I got fucked on the sand….honestly I don’t know if it’s healthy for my juicy ran through cunt! But all the sand that was sticking to his soaked juicy cock was rubbing on my inner walls like sandpaper!!! Ohhh the sexual feeling I got was so worth the humiliation and nastiness that we did!! The way I shook my juicy thick ass on his cock caused me to orgasm and squirt everywhere….this Latin pussy needs more of that kind of sex…I am willing to do anything , nothings off limits…come fuck me in weird places! Make me feel pain as you ram me like a horny bull that you are!

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    • Fred on December 3, 2021 at 6:42 pm
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    you can be my cum dumpster babe

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