I Took His Virginity And He Left Me Full Of Cum And Gaped

dirty phone sexI was at a party the other night and word was that this hot ass dude was a virgin, saving himself for marriage. No fucking way I though, but sure enough he was. Most girls would have been impressed but no me I took it as a personal challenge. No way was this guy leaving this house a virgin tonight. I maneuvered and connived enough to get him up to the back room. He walked in and there I sat, laid against the bed, in thigh highs and a corset. I had my tits out and my pretty bald pussy exposed for him. He stared and turned to leave but the door had been locked by some friends. I told him to come over and sit beside me. I took his hand and guided his fingers through my wet slit, barely grazing my clit. Then I pushed him face between my tits and put my nipple in his mouth. He sat still for a moment but then I put my hand between his legs and started rubbing him. The hardness I felt and his hand in my cunt and mouth on my tit pushed him over a bit. He started licking and sucking on my tits. I smiled and told him to lay back and enjoy. I pulled his pants off and worshiped his cock a while before he filled my mouth with his cum. I then kissed him deeply, letting him taste himself. I took his virginity and more that night. Want to hear all the fun things I did to him? And how he left my pussy full of cum and my ass gaped?

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