I love brushing my teeth with shit

I was in the bathroom getting ready for work, I still needed to brush my teeth when all of the sudden  I had the urge I needed to take a massive dookie. I sat down to take a shit and was thwre for a bit trying to push it out when I realized I was running short on time, still had to do my hair and brush my teeth. But I was not done shitting and my stomach was upset. I then got this crazy notion that my tooth brush bristlesScat phone sex Aurora would probably feel good rubbing on my clit while I had a massive terd coming out of my asshole. I decided to put my theory to the test. I took my tooth brush and softly rubbed the hairs along my clit as I gave a shudder of delight. I did it a little harder as my terd fully came out. I then thought maybe it might feel good putting that toothbrush up my ass and pumping it in and out a bit, I was right it felt phenomenal. I did it til I cam all over, then I brushed my teeth with that tooth brush, combed my hair and went to work.story.

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