I love being a human toilet

Cheap phone sexI got hired for some old guys cricket party last night, and my first thought was what the fuck is cricket? I only do four legged friends so I don’t know what the fuck this guy wants, but of course I did it anyway. He told me to dress very girly and make sure that I look for young. So when I got there I realized cricket was a sport and that I was going to have to fuck about 10 old guys tonight, but I need there money so I can hit up my dealer. One thing lead to another and next thing I new I was on the grass naked and touching my cunt for all these old perverts.

Then to my suprise they whipped out there cocks and started pissing on my like I am there human toilet, but honestly I don’t mind being a human toilet. I got on my knees and opened my mouth and enjoyed some warm piss filling my mouth and dripping down my titties. I even got lucky enough to have some from there other end that night too. Damn I am nasty!

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